ACTING: maximum 40 marks. Includes characterisation, speech, audibility, emphasis and variation in tone and gesture.

DIRECTION: maximum 35 marks. Includes interpretation of the meaning and spirit of the play, casting, movement, grouping and general variation in tempo. Where, in the opinion of the Adjudicator, the handling of the cast creates difficulty, s/he will take this into account.

STAGE PRESENTATION: maximum 15 marks. This includes the appearance of the stage, properties, lighting, make-up, costume etc.

DRAMATIC ACHIEVEMENT: maximum 10 marks. This covers the Adjudicator’s general impression of each performance, and marks will be awarded for enterprise in the choice of play or production and general effectiveness in high dramatic achievement.

The playing time of any entry should not be less than twenty minutes or more than fifty five minutes. Contravention of this rule results in loss of marks, as follows:

  • Up to 1 min 1 points
  • Up to 2 mins 3 points
  • Up to 3 mins 6 points
  • Up to 3 mins 6 points
  • Up to 4 mins 10 points
  • Up to 5 mins 15 points
  • Over 5 mins Disqualification