Adjudicator 2019

Keith Phillips
(Assoc. GoDA.)

Keith’s involvement and interest in the theatre began in the 1960s when, as a nine year old, he played a tree in an infant school production. From little acorns his interest continued through junior and senior schools where he contributed to productions either behind the scenes or on stage. Memorably, for him, playing in drag (for the first and only time) at 16 in Ionesco’s ‘The Bald Prima Donna’.

Keith Phillips

After his school years he joined a local amateur group in Barnet, and continued to learn and gain valuable experience in every aspect of theatre; from acting to stage managing, scenery design and building, lighting and sound and eventually producing and directing. Marriage, and house prices, motivated a move a moderate distance north. He joined a club in Huntingdon, contributing to every production even if that was serving tea in the interval. After becoming a Trustee of the local ‘Shakespeare at the George Trust’ he played in a number of productions as well as directing. In the 1980s Keith was asked to start a Huntingdon Drama Festival which ran for a few years before local council funding ended.

Keith then became very active in the Cambridge amateur theatre community and also co-founded two Theatre Companies, to take new and classic plays further afield; including a number of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Occasionally, when inspired, he will pound a keyboard and turn out pantomimes or one-act plays but is too modest to mention his three new play awards.

In 2018 he retired from the Chair of the Cambridge Drama Festival, having guided it through to celebrating its 50th year.

Keith’s 45 years’ experience and expertise in amateur theatre, led to his joining GoDA in 2014 as an Associate member and he is enjoying adjudicating at Festivals the length and breadth of the UK.